Skills Needed Before Removing and Replacing Wallpaper

Many homeowners use wallpaper to decorate their homes’ walls or improve their overall aesthetics. While wallpaper may look appealing for a few years, several issues may arise as time goes by, as the wallpaper may eventually lose its vibrance and adhesiveness. When these issues appear, they will make the walls of the home look less desirable since the wallpaper can peel, crack, or cause damage to the surface of the walls.

Removing the wallpaper in your home is required if you want to get rid of the issues with the wallpaper and the surface of your home’s interior walls. Once the wallpaper is removed, it would be ideal to replace it after the issues with the walls have been fixed. Replacing wallpaper is an entirely different task, as it would require the use of tools and materials that ensure that the installation process will be done with little to no issues.

While wallpaper removal and replacements may look simple at first glance, a lot of skill, knowledge, and experience is needed to remove and replace wallpaper with ease and efficiency. 

Professionals with plenty of skills and experience can be found at Custom Painting, Inc., which provides wallpaper removal services for clients besides other offerings like exterior and interior painting. To know more about peeling off and installing wallpaper, here is a guide to wallpaper removal and replacements and the skills needed to perform these tasks.

Everything You Need to Know about Removing and Replacing Wallpaper Infographic

Common Issues with Wallpaper Removal and Replacement

Before we get into the process of removing wallpaper, we must first discuss the common issues that skilled painters may face whenever they try to remove and replace wallpaper in their clients’ homes. Here are details about those common issues.

Wrinkles and Bubbles

When replacing wallpaper, professionals may need to be careful in sticking the wallpaper on the surface of the wall, as incorrect placement can often produce wrinkles and bubbles that can be difficult to remove or fix. Once there are wrinkles or bubbles in the wallpaper, the painters may need to remove a section of the wallpaper entirely, which can take more time and effort. In order to prevent wrinkles or bubbles from appearing, professionals will need to apply the wallpaper on the surface carefully while keeping an eye on every section or corner of the wallpaper.

Misaligned Patterns

Another issue that professionals may face when replacing wallpaper is misaligned patterns, which will look unappealing and can ruin the overall look of a wall. To prevent misaligned patterns, a team of painters will need to ensure that the patterns for each section of the wallpaper match well before applying them to the wall. These professionals will already plan out what sections of the wallpaper they will apply to various areas of the wall so that the patterns won’t misalign.

Wallpaper Seams Not Sticking

There may be instances where the wallpaper seams may not stick well onto the wall’s surface. This dilemma can cause problems with the installation of the wallpaper, as the seams can affect the adhesiveness of all sections of the wallpaper, and it may even cause damage that can appear as cracks or holes in the wallpaper. To remedy seams that are not sticking well, professionals will need to apply adhesive products onto the seams so that they stick properly on the wall’s surface.

Damaged Wallpaper During Installation

Because of how thin and flimsy some sheets of wallpaper are, they are often prone to getting damaged even before they are installed properly on the wall. To prevent damage, painters or professionals would need to handle the sheets of wallpaper with care. If there are already damaged pieces or sheets before the wallpaper is applied, the professionals would have to make sure that they separate the damaged sheets so that they won’t accidentally use them.

What is Needed for Wallpaper Removal and Replacement?

Removing wallpapers

Besides skills, there are also other things that need to be prepared before removing or replacing wallpaper. Check out below for simple explanations of these things that are needed for wallpaper removal and replacement.

For Preparing the Wallpaper for Removal

  • Gathering of needed tools and materials – before starting the wallpaper removal process, the tools and materials that are going to be used for the project should be prepared first. Without having the right tools for the job, professionals may have a difficult time completing the process, and they may take longer to finish the project.
  • Preparing the workspace – the next step in preparing for wallpaper removal is to prepare the workspace so that the process would be clean and efficient. To prepare the workspace, removing pieces of furniture and fixtures on the wall, like photo frames and shelves, is essential. Then, the floor should be protected from adhesive residues with the help of drop cloths and painter’s tape.
  • Safety precautions – professionals would need to ensure that the workspace would be safe for them and for the people living or staying in the residential or commercial space. Safety precautions should include wearing appropriate clothing to remain safe and protected against injuries and wounds and property ventilation to avoid health hazards that can cause respiratory problems for the workers and the residents.

For the Process of Removing the Wallpaper

  • Testing the adhesiveness of the wallpaper – the first step in the process of removing wallpaper is to test its adhesiveness by trying to remove just a small portion of it on the wall. By knowing how adhesive the wallpaper is, professionals will be able to assess what tools and products they need to use to safely and efficiently remove the wallpaper.
  • Applying peeling and scraping techniques – scraping and peeling off wallpaper are effective techniques that professionals use to quickly remove large sections of wallpaper stuck on the surface of the walls. Professional scrape and peel off wallpaper as gently as possible to avoid major damage to the walls.
  • Steam removal – if scraping and peeling off isn’t enough to remove wallpaper, professionals may use the steam removal method, which involves the use of hot steam to liquefy the adhesives used to stick the wallpaper onto the surface of the walls. Once the glue liquefies, it will be much easier for professionals to remove the wallpaper without needing to scrape the wallpaper’s surface or the wall.
  • Repairing the surface through sanding and priming – minor damages to the surface of the walls can sometimes be unpreventable. For those damages, the painters or professionals will make sure that the damages are fixed before new sheets of wallpaper are applied to the walls. Sanding the walls’ surface will ensure that the surface is as flat as possible without bumps or lines, and then the primer is applied to make the walls even flatter while also allowing the wallpaper to stick better to the surface.

For Preparing the Surface for New Wallpaper

  • Cleaning and smoothing the walls – in order for the wallpaper to adhere better to the surface, the walls would need to be cleaned and smoothed out first. Cleaning tools and products are used to clean the walls and get rid of dirt, grime, and other particles that may affect the appearance and adhesiveness of the wallpaper while sanding tools are used to flatten out the surface so that bumps can be removed.
  • Measuring and cutting the wallpaper – the next step in the process is to measure and cut the wallpaper to size so that there won’t be excess sheets that can ruin the appearance of the walls. The wallpaper’s sections should fit well in every area and corner of the walls, and the patterns should match well for each section for a better appearance.
  • Preparing the adhesive – the final step in preparing the wallpaper is to prepare the adhesive that will be used to stick the wallpaper onto the wall. Professionals use high-quality adhesives to make sure that the wallpaper will stay in place for years and that the adhesives won’t affect the appearance or durability of the wallpaper.

For the Process of Installing New Wallpaper

  • Hanging the first strip – the first strip of wallpaper is typically installed using a plumb line composed of a string attached to a heavy cone-shaped weight. This plumb line determines the vertical of an upright surface, which is the wall in the case of installing wallpaper. The plumb line can be used to determine how the wallpaper’s first strip should be installed, as there might be a slope or an angle to the wall that may not be noticeable at first glance.
  • Hanging subsequent strips – after the first strip of wallpaper is applied, the other strips or sheets of wallpaper will be applied to the walls next. Professionals ensure that every strip or sheet of wallpaper follows the pattern of the first strip so that no sections are misaligned. Once the sheets are applied, the professionals can smooth out the air bubbles and wrinkles of the wallpaper if ever they appear.
  • Trimming excess wallpaper – despite taking accurate measurements for the wallpaper and the walls, there may sometimes be instances where there will still be excess wallpaper. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to trim excess wallpaper, as professionals use a utility knife or wallpaper trimmer to cut the excess pieces or strips effortlessly.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Wallpaper Removal Services

scraper to install wallpaper

Removing and replacing wallpaper can be done by almost anyone. Still, most of us won’t be able to remove and install wallpaper with care and efficiency, unlike professionals who already have years of experience and plenty of skills when it comes to the said tasks. To know more, here are some of the benefits of hiring professional wallpaper removal services instead of removing and replacing wallpaper on your own.

  • Skills, knowledge, and experience – professionals have all the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to remove and replace wallpaper with little to no issues efficiently. Their skills and experience enable them to remove and replace wallpaper with ease at a much faster pace compared to us, who don’t have knowledge in installing and getting rid of wallpaper.
  • They can handle different types of wallpaper – professionals who offer wallpaper removal services can remove and install different types of wallpaper with no problems or issues. If you want a specific type of wallpaper for your home, you can get professional wallpaper removal services that will easily install your desired wallpaper.
  • They use the right tools and pieces of equipment – painters or professionals use the right tools and pieces of equipment to get the job done. The tools they use are high quality and durable, contributing to how well they can remove and replace wallpaper with relative ease. In addition, professionals also use the best products for the project, so you will be sure that they are using durable wallpaper sheets and effective adhesives.
  • They can help you save time and money – wallpaper removal services can help you save time and money, as professionals can finish the project quickly and on time, and the results can last so long that you don’t have to constantly hire someone or a team to remove and replace the wallpaper in your home.
  • They can clean up well after the removal and replacement process – professionals ensure that the workspace will be cleaned well after they have done the removal and replacement process for your home’s wallpaper. So, once the project is done, you don’t have to spend time and effort cleaning up your home anymore, as the professionals have already done this task for you.


Wallpaper removal and replacements may look easy, but processes or steps are involved to remove and install wallpaper without issues. Instead of doing the project on your own, it is always best to hire a professional wallpaper removal service that will be able to finish the project on time while leaving no issues with the wallpaper and your home.

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