Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

If you have been to a restaurant, boutique, hotel suite, doctor’s office, or nursery in Pleasant Hill, CA, chances are you may have seen wallpaper adorning their spaces. Commercial wallpaper is usually made to last for 15 to 25 years. And perhaps sometime after that period, many businesses and facilities want to get rid of their current wallpaper for a few reasons:

  • Businesses had to update and modernize the style of the interiors.
  • Wallpaper can be difficult and costly to maintain.
  • Wallpaper can mask mold and mildew. If you smell something strong and musty, it is an indication of mold and mildew in your walls.
  • Businesses want to improve indoor air quality.

Commercial painting contractors in Pleasant Hill, CA, such as Custom Painting, Inc., know the challenges and frustrations of removing old wallpaper, not to mention the mess that comes with it. Our years of experience in working with various wallpaper types and styles have allowed us to use the right tools and applications to ensure that the removal process is done correctly, efficiently, and safely. The result is clean and smooth interior walls ready for a new wallpaper style – or better yet, new paint.

What we offer

Our wallpaper removal approach usually consists of the following:

  • Initial assessment – Our crew identifies the type of wallpaper to determine the appropriate tools and techniques for removal.
  • Preparation – Our crew gets the workspace ready by removing wall décor and other installation, taking away or covering furniture, covering the floors, and taping baseboards or trim (if any).
  • Wallpaper removal – Our crew removes the wallpaper from the walls. The complexity of removal, as well as methods of removal, depend on the type and condition of the wallpaper being removed. 
  • Wallpaper adhesive removal – Once our crew strips all the wallpaper, they remove some glue and paper left on the walls. 
  • Cleaning and preparation of the walls – Once our crew removes the entire adhesive, they clean down the walls. Then the walls are left to dry. Once dried, the crew prime the surface before installing new wallpaper or painting the walls.
  • Disposal of removed wallpaper materials – Our crew cleans up after themselves and properly disposes of detached wallpaper and other debris.

Why choose Custom Painting, Inc.?

Established in 1982, Custom Painting, Inc. developed a reputation as one of the quality residential and commercial painters in Pleasant Hill and other Bay Area cities.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured painting company. We offer reasonable and competitive pricing, a one-year workmanship warranty (extended warranties are also available), and an experienced team of professional painters and carpenters who can handle any project, no matter the size.

We always put quality as a priority in everything we do – from the prep work to painting to clean-up. We never cut corners and always provide exceptional services. We bring decades of experience to every project.


Are you ready to say goodbye to your outdated wallpaper? Don’t cut corners when it comes to keeping your commercial property well-maintained, especially when removing wallpaper prior to installing a new wallpaper style or painting the walls. Contact the experts at Custom Painting, Inc. At 925-686-0903 or message us here for a free consultation or free estimate.