The Top Skills a Commercial Painter Should Have


Hiring a commercial painting in Pleasant Hill contractor is essential for every successful project. In painting a business property, there is no other way than hiring a professional. While it’s impossible to do the paint job by yourself, your other job is to take your time to look for a painting contractor who’s reputable and reliable to provide the skills and experience you need to complete a successful commercial painting project.

Top skills of a great commercial painter


Every commercial paint project is different, so skill requirements often vary depending on the project on hand or the paint crew. So, it is important to know first what your project needs so that you can find painting contractors in Pleasant Hill who will make the most of your investment.

  • Ability to paint accurately – A commercial painting contractor calculates the amount of paint needed by measuring the wall space to be painted. This will help you eliminate the guesswork regarding how many gallons of paint you’re going to spend on your project.
  • Carpentry skills – Quite often, painters encounter wooden components that badly need repairs or replacement. So, it makes sense to hire a painting contractor who is also experienced in general carpentry work, such as repairing damaged drywall or water-damaged ceilings, caulking, removing old wallpaper, replacing damaged wood siding or interior trim, custom installation, etc. People are often looking for painters who possess general carpentry skills so that they won’t have to hire a separate painter a contractor. Painters with other skills are often in demand. So, it’s going to be a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Ability to work accurately and with attention to time – Commercial painters who arrive at the work site and finish the job on time are the painters who should be trusted. Time management skills like planning, prioritizing, and organization help the crew meet deadlines. 

The Top Skills a Commercial Painter Should Have

  • Knowledge of how to use tools and materials for the job – Commercial painting requires the use of special paints, tools, materials, and equipment that aren’t usually found in residential painting. They range from power washers and scaffolds to mechanical lifts and airless paint sprayers. It’s important to hire commercial painters in Pleasant Hill who have extensive knowledge of the use of these tools and materials.
  • Visual attention to detail – Reputable commercial painters care for quality, so they always make sure that the surfaces are properly cleaned, prepared, and painted to achieve a high-quality and long-lasting finish. 
  • Ability to work at heights – Working at heights is a part of commercial paint jobs. The paint crew must have sufficient safety training to safely and efficiently use ladders, scaffolds, platforms, or mechanical lifts to get them to hard-to-reach areas, such as high ceilings and tall buildings.
  • Ability to work with drywall – Drywall is one of the prevalent construction materials. Despite that, drywall can be a bit too daunting to work with. As drywall is a porous material, it can be difficult to achieve an even finish, resulting in patches. Look for commercial painters with experience working with drywalls of varying types and conditions.
  • Communication skills – Besides painting and carpentry skills, commercial painters should have excellent communication skills since they interact with clients, project managers, co-workers, paint suppliers, etc., on a daily basis. They are required to explain the plans and details clearly to project managers, tradespeople, and other contractors who may be working on the same project and to their clients who have no direct painting and carpentry knowledge and experience. If the painters can clearly communicate those plans to the people they work with, the project shall be carried out successfully.
  • Basic knowledge of electricity – Commercial painters often work close to live electrical lines and equipment and thus can be exposed to electrical hazards. Therefore, part of their regular safety should include a basic knowledge of electricity to enable them to perform tasks that require specific actions. These actions include shutting off the main power, removing and re-installing electric wires and cables, covering switches and outlets, operating generators for their power tools, etc., to enable them to complete their paint job safely and efficiently.
  • Knowledge of spray painters – Spray painting is a usual paint technique because it’s faster than brushing and rolling. However, spray painting is prone to overspray when not handled very well. Besides, spray painters are special tools that only experienced commercial painters can use correctly.
  • Knowledge of using power/pressure washers – Power washers or pressure washers are very effective in getting rid of stubborn dirt, mud, oil, grease, and peeling paint. But if these powerful tools are handled by someone who’s inexperienced, it can lead to damage to property and even injury. Many commercial painters are well-trained and knowledgeable about power washers, as they know how to operate them safely. 
  • Ability to keep the work area clean during and after the work is complete – All professional painters should clean up after themselves. They should know how to properly dispose of used supplies, debris, and any hazardous waste. While considering painters, make sure that this important step is included in their contracts so that your home is clear of dirt and debris after the crew leaves the workspace.

How skilled commercial painters can help your business


Now, you have learned about the skills that you should look for in a commercial painting contractor. Doing so will make you better informed when hiring a contractor to paint your business. 

Having a skilled commercial painter to update the look of your business will give you a significant edge over your competitors through the following advantages:

  • Create a first great impression on clients – A fresh coat of paint boosts the curb appeal of your commercial property, creating a positive first impression on potential clients and investors.
  • Attract new customers and increase profits – As your newly painted commercial property attracts potential customers, it will be easier for you to convert to gain their trust, get them to support your products or services, and ultimately convert them into real clients.
  • Create a better environment for the employees or tenants – The right paint colors and décor can increase the productivity of your employees and tenants and help keep them happy, positive, and inspired in their jobs.
  • Reflect your business brand – Painting is a simple yet powerful way to reflect your business brand colors. Make a memorable impact on your clients with professional painting services by matching your commercial property’s exterior paint to your business brand.
  • Remedy issues like cracking, mold, etc. — Professional painters first ensure that the surfaces are free from issues like cracks, holes, mold, etc., by repairing them before applying paint. This step is critical for ensuring proper adhesion of the topcoat.
  • Increase the building’s life – When your commercial building is maintained through minor repairs and paint, it will be protected from weather elements and foot traffic, ensuring it has a longer life. Painting your commercial building every two to three years is recommended, although it depends on many factors. 

How skilled commercial painters can help your business


Before you start searching for “painters Pleasant Hill” online, you should first consider what you need in a commercial painting contractor. There can be a considerable difference in how contractors work, but most of them have the following skills such as:

  • Ability to paint accurately
  • Carpentry skills
  • Ability to work accurately with attention to time
  • Knowledge in how to use tools and materials for the job
  • Visual attention to detail
  • Ability to work on heights on a scaffold
  • Communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of electricity
  • Knowledge of using spray painters
  • Knowledge of using power/pressure washers
  • Ability to keep the work area clean during and after the work is complete

Here are the ways which hiring a professional painting in Pleasant Hill contractor can help your business:

  • Create a great first impression on clients
  • Attract new customers and increase profits
  • Create a better environment for employees/tenants
  • Reflect on your business brand
  • Remedy issues like cracking and mold problems
  • Increase the building’s life

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