Interior Painting

Revitalizing a business space in Pleasant Hill, CA, with a new layer of paint can transform its appearance, making it more inviting and competitive while possibly enhancing its market value. This improvement beautifies the building, shields it, and prolongs its lifespan.

Investing in painting is an efficient way to see immediate benefits for your business. However, to ensure these benefits, choosing a trusted painting company known for delivering satisfactory results is crucial.

Custom Painting Inc. is proud of its seasoned team that has successfully completed a vast array of commercial painting projects, much to the delight of our clientele. With over four decades in the painting industry covering residential and commercial needs, we are experienced, fully licensed, and insured. Choosing Custom Painting, Inc. for your interior painting requirements guarantees a job well done on the first attempt.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Interior Painters

Collaborating with professional painters in Pleasant Hill, CA, offers several remarkable advantages:

  • Professionals bring their expertise using the right tools and techniques to ensure a durable, high-quality paint finish.
  • Opting for a professional painting team saves time. Painting on your own can be overwhelming, from purchasing supplies to preparing the space and cleaning up. Professionals streamline the process, delivering top-notch results promptly without compromising on quality.
  • Painting can be unexpectedly demanding. Professionals alleviate this stress, managing every aspect of the painting project, allowing you to enjoy the transformation of your space.
  • Expert painters are knowledgeable about various paint products and can guide you in selecting the ideal type, color, and finish for each area of your commercial property.
  • The assurance that comes with hiring licensed and insured painters provides peace of mind, knowing that you and the painting crew are covered in any mishaps.

You can expect nothing less than exceptional outcomes with a professional painting contractor. High-quality paints and proper application techniques mean your commercial space will look stunning, draw in more customers, and potentially increase the property’s value, which is especially beneficial if you plan to lease it out.

At Custom Painting, Inc., our extensive experience and skilled team ensure we consistently deliver excellent results from the get-go.

Worker in uniform painting ceiling with roller indoor

Interior Painting Services Offered by Custom Painting, Inc.

Our array of interior painting services includes:

  • Comprehensive room painting, covering all walls and ceilings, with an option to include floors.
  • Accent wall painting, adding a splash of color to a specific wall to highlight a particular area or add a decorative touch.
  • Ceiling painting across all types, including decorative options.
  • Apply paint on trims, including door and window frames, baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, etc.
  • Decorative painting services such as faux finishes, murals, trompe-l’oeil, and stenciling.

Our Painting Process

  • Assessment and Consultation: We begin with a thorough evaluation of your property, followed by a detailed quote. This phase also involves understanding your vision and objectives for the space.
  • Preparation: This crucial step involves site and surface preparation, including moving or covering furniture, floor protection, removing wall decorations, and ensuring surfaces are ready for painting through cleaning, repairing, sanding, and priming.
  • Painting: Our team applies paint meticulously, choosing the appropriate type, color, and finish for the space. Techniques may vary from brushing to rolling or spraying, depending on the project’s requirements and client preferences.
  • Quality Inspection: Post-painting, we clean up, reposition furniture and decor, and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure every detail meets our high standards and your satisfaction.

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