Commercial FAQs

Q: For how many years has Custom Painting, Inc. been serving its customers?

A: Custom Painting, Inc. has been serving its customers since 1982.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: Yes. Our state contractor license is 512717. For additional peace of mind, we carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, that will protect you, the client, and our workers in case of a mishap.

Q: Do you recommend latex, acrylic, or oil-based paints?

A: We normally use latex or acrylic paints. Both paints can achieve a substrate bond that’s almost equivalent to that of oil-based paints, as long as the surfaces are properly prepared and primed.

Acrylic and latex paints are considered to be more environmentally friendly. They are easier to apply, clean up more easily and quickly, and give off a milder odor. Both paints are essentially non-toxic so they’re safe to use for everyday painting, indoor or outdoor

Due to the newer and more improved paint formulations, latex and acrylic paints can achieve a similar durability to oil-based paint, sans the toxic fumes. These types of paint used will depend on several factors, like the location of the surface to be painted and which substrate is to be painted.

Q: Do you work evenings or weekends?

A: When painting during business hours becomes too difficult or almost impossible, we work after business hours or weekends. With reasonable notice, Custom Painting, Inc. can send an experienced commercial paint crew to make this happen. We usually start our work in the early evening and continue until just past midnight.

Like in any other paint jobs, we make sure complete any work we started and clean up after we’re done working for the night. The freshly painted walls will greet your staff and customers the next morning.

Q: Do you charge additionally for painting at night?

A: No. We charge about the same price. However, scheduling paint work in the evening is a little more challenging because there are times that the painters might not be available for work. It might be more expensive if the job is less than a week long. The main reason is that a night painter needs to have time off before returning to his day shift, missing a work day as a result. With some advanced and careful planning, we can work with you to keep the project cost reasonable.

Q: Can you paint offices or facilities during business hours?

A: We do most of our office and facility painting during business hours. Most paints today dry much faster, so it won’t take long before we could finish our job. Painting during business hours can be done as long there’s advanced planning.

We can paint empty offices, boardrooms, classrooms, suites, or any other areas without inconveniencing the customers and staff much. Lunchrooms, locker rooms, restrooms, washrooms, and stairway areas may be somewhat more challenging to work on. That’s why they should be scheduled to paint them one at a time.

We can confidently complete our work during the day. However, some busy areas are better done during the evening. Hospitals, daycare centers, medical clinics, and care facilities are obviously more difficult to paint.

Q: How long should it take to paint a commercial building?

A: There are many variables when determining the timeline for painting a commercial building. They are listed below:

  • What is the square footage of the commercial building to be painted?
  • Will we paint the interior or exterior of the building, or both?
  • How much experience does the painting company that you’re interested in hiring for the project have?
  • What brand or quality of paint they will be using?
  • How many coats are required?
  • What is the current weather situation like? Keep in mind that exterior paint projects can be sometimes delayed because of long periods of heavy rain.
  • When do you want the project to be done? The season we paint can also significantly impact the completion of the project.

With those factors in mind, putting together a plan for your commercial painting project can help you figure out how long will it take to complete.

As experts in everything paint, we strive to work efficiently and deliver professional service consistently to every project, no matter the size of your business. Planning for your next commercial paint job? Call us at 925-686-0903 or fill an online form to receive a free estimate.