Pressure Washing

Custom Painting, Inc. knows that the appearance and cleanliness of your Pleasant Hill, CA commercial space are important to you, as a well-kept property not only looks nicer and more appealing but also feels like a safer and more comfortable environment for you, the employees, and the customers. If you want the outdoor areas of your commercial space to be as clean as possible, that’s where we come in, as we have a specialized pressure washing service that is done by a team of professionals with experience, skills, and knowledge to make your commercial space look new.

Our dedication to excellence, years of experience, environment-friendly cleaning methods, and cutting-edge technology make us the best choice for custom painting and pressure washing. Continue reading below to learn more about our pressure washing service and why Custom Painting, Inc. is the best solution for your property’s needs.

What We Offer

Pressure washing is a special cleaning technique that uses high-pressure water to wash off stubborn dirt, grime, mud, mold, and stains from various kinds of surfaces like floors, walls, and garage doors. The high-pressure water is produced by a machine or device called a “pressure washer,” which pressurizes the water that is sprayed out of a tank, and then the tank is connected to a hose and a spray where the high-pressure water is released.

Types of Pressure Washers We Use

There are two primary types of pressure washers we use depending on the customer’s needs. Both of these pressure washers have their own pros and cons, so choosing one above the other would just rely on which of them is suitable for a specific situation. Check out below to learn more about these two main types of pressure washers.

  • Cold-Water Pressure Washer – the most common type of pressure washer because of how affordable it is to buy and how easy it is to use. Because this specific pressure washer is inexpensive, it is the cleaning device of choice for many homeowners who want to try pressure washing their property without spending too much money.
  • Hot-Water Pressure Washer – this pressure washer releases hot water, which is usually more effective in getting rid of stubborn oil and grease on floors and walls compared to using simply cold or lukewarm water. However, it is important to note that hot-water pressure washers are pricier than cold-water pressure washers because of the internal parts involved in keeping the water as hot as possible.

These two pressure washer types have their advantages, and while a hot-water pressure washer may be the best type out of the two, it isn’t suitable in situations where the surface of the property may get damaged when exposed to hot water. As mentioned before, picking a specific pressure washer for a project would depend on the outdoor floors or walls of the property and what they will need in order to be cleaned with care and efficiency.

It is also worth noting that the two types of pressure washers can run on gas or electricity. Electric pressure washers are the most common and least expensive compared to gas-powered pressure washers. In addition to being relatively affordable, electric pressure washers also have simple controls that make them suitable for beginners. 

Gas-powered pressure washers, on the other hand, can be quite difficult to use since they typically have more complex controls. In addition, the oil or gas that is needed for the pressure washers to work may need to have specific mixtures or substances in it to ensure that the internal parts wouldn’t get damaged. But, the good thing about gas-powered pressure washers is that they are significantly more powerful than electric pressure washers, hence the reason why only professional cleaners use these gas-powered devices.

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Commercial Property

Exterior cleaning

There are numerous benefits that your commercial property can get through pressure washing. Because of how advantageous pressure washing is for residential and commercial spaces, it is regarded by many as one of the most effective cleaning techniques today. Here are the reasons why you should pressure wash your commercial property.

Increases Home or Business Value

A big benefit of getting your commercial property pressure washed is that you will be able to increase the property’s value, as its cleanliness can add to its appeal. While you can use regular cleaning tools in order to clean the outdoor surfaces of the commercial property, pressure washing is the most effective and could save you a lot of time since it can already clean large areas of the surfaces in just a few minutes.

The outdoor areas of your property will need to make a good first impression on potential buyers if you are going to sell the commercial property in the future. If the outdoor areas of the property are clean and flawless, potential buyers may already think that the interior of the property is as clean as well. So, by just seeing the outside sections of your property, potential buyers will already be attracted to it if those sections are cleaned properly using pressure washing.

Enhances Curb Appeal

The outdoor spaces of your property are also important for curb appeal, which is the term used by property sellers or realtors to refer to the attractiveness of a property when it is viewed from the street or from a distance. With pressure washing, you will significantly improve your commercial property’s curb appeal, which could then contribute to increasing its value.

Prevents Damages

Cleaning tools that we regularly use at home or in commercial spaces may sometimes cause damage to different surfaces, especially if you are using products that have chemicals in them. In pressure washing, there are usually no chemicals involved in the cleaning process, as the cleaners just use pure water to get rid of dirt, mud, mold, grime, and other particles on the walls and floors of your commercial property. While high-pressure water is quite powerful, it is not too powerful for it to affect the paint, color, or durability of outdoor surfaces.

Makes the Property Safer

The dirt, mud, grime, oil, grease, and other elements that can get stuck on the surfaces of your commercial property can often cause a lot of damage if they remain uncleaned. Moreover, if there are mold buildups in different areas of the property, these can cause allergies and other illnesses that affect the respiratory system. So, to make the commercial property safer for your employees and customers, you would need to regularly clean it through hiring pressure washing services.

Why Choose Custom Painting, Inc.

Custom Painting, Inc. has everything you need when it comes to pressure washing. However, besides pressure washing, Custom Painting, Inc. also offers other services related to renovating and repairing properties, and these services include exterior painting, interior painting, wallpaper removal, wood staining, and acoustic ceiling removal. For appointments and inquiries, you may contact us at (925) 686-0903, or you can simply fill out this form.