Kairos Power – Ways to Protect Glass Panes from Paint

Kairos Power – Ways to Protect Glass Panes from PaintCustom Painting, Inc. has successfully completed the exterior painting project for Kairos Power’s warehouse located in Alameda, California. This task presented different challenges to our team, particularly in relation to adverse weather conditions, which tested our expertise and dedication when it comes to exterior painting. Despite these hurdles, we persevered and delivered exceptional results that met and exceeded the client’s expectations.

In addition to showcasing our commitment to quality craftsmanship, this project also helped us show our ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding outcomes for our valued clients. But aside from weather-related issues, there are other challenges that our team has faced, and these include protecting 10,000 window frames and glass panes. 

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the best ways to protect glass panes from paint based on our experience on the exterior painting project in Alameda.

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Kairos Power leased the warehouse in 2017. Originally, it was an old rail hangar constructed in the 1940s for the Navy, and it was also used as a manufacturing building. Unlike other old buildings that need to be demolished and replaced by new ones, the warehouse was built to last for many years. That is why it has been reused and repurposed by different businesses.

The old hangar features an overhead crane spanning its width. It is mounted on rails that span the building’s length. One of the interesting things about the structure is that it is earthquake-ready. In fact, its earthquake readiness has been tested by an engineering firm by stimulating a strong earthquake jolt to move the crane and ultimately stop it. With these tests, they confirmed that the building can survive strong earthquakes. 

The building has been repainted a lot of times over the years that it was in use. However, before Kairos Power leased it, it sat unused and messy for several years. All of the paint on its window frames was lead-based, and it needed proper removal. Fortunately, a lead abatement company was able to complete the lead-based paint removal before painting was done to ensure no contamination in the environment. 


Non-Weather-Related Challenges

Earlier, we mentioned that our team faced a lot of challenges when it came to the weather while repainting Kairos Power’s warehouse. But aside from those challenges, there were also other issues that were not related to the weather. Among these are the many windows that the warehouse has. 

The warehouse had a lot of windows, including taller ones. Our team had to deal with more than 10,000 window frames. To make the outcome of the painting look neat and clean, we need to make sure that the window frames are protected from paint spills and drops. With this, we covered them all with brown masking paper and masking tape. 

Aside from the window frames, we also needed to protect the glass panes of the windows from overspray. It surely took a lot of our time to cover these glass panes, and the process was long and tedious. But we can say that it was all worth it because the result was a clean look. 

Ways to Protect Glass Panes from Paint

Using a paint sprayer is a powerful tool for skilled painters. It allows them to create a smooth finish quickly. However, the challenge is how to spray paint around glass without overspray. Using painter’s tape is one of the easiest ways to protect glass panes while painting. However, painter’s tape can leave unwanted marks on window glass. That is why others are looking for other ways to cover glass panes to protect them from paint. 

To give you ideas, below are some of the other ways to protect glass panes from paint:

Use Masking Liquid

This is one of the simplest ways to protect glass panes while painting. Before the painting process begins, you need to apply a layer of the liquid along the edges of the glass. This will dry to a gel fast. When the gel is in place, you can start painting without any worries. Since the gel is water-based, you can easily peel it off after painting. You may also use a painting razor to scrape it off from the glass and the flat edge of the razor to remove any leftovers.

Use Lip Balm

If your glass panes are small, you can apply lip balm to them to protect the surfaces from paint. This is a great idea for those who are into DIY painting at home. Apply the lip balm generously to the edges of the glass. You can easily wipe it off with a rag after painting. 

Cover with Paper Strips

Using paper strips to catch paint drops is similar to using painter’s tape. However, this is an easier method. All you need to do is cut strips of paper and wet them slightly in a pan of water. This way, you can stick them to the glass. Once they are in place, run a dry paint brush over them to keep them in place. When you are finished painting, you can easily remove the strips, and they will leave no residue behind. 


It was indeed challenging and time-consuming to cover 10,000 window frames and glass panes during the project. But with the perseverance and skills of our professional painters, we were able to finish the exterior painting task smoothly, resulting in a clean and beautiful finish. 

Something as simple as a new coat of paint can truly turn an old commercial building into a modern structure. Repainting an old building is also an important part of preventative maintenance as it protects the surfaces from deteriorating. 

If you have recently purchased or leased an old commercial building and you wish to transform it into a brand-new space for your business, you can plan your commercial repainting with our company. We offer different services for both commercial and residential properties. If you want to learn more about these, you may call us at 925-686-0903 or fill out this contact form to request a free quote for any painting needs that you have.