Places to Visit While in Pleasant Hill, California

Pleasant Hill is located in Contra Costa County, California. It is easily accessible to San Francisco (which is about 23 miles away), Oakland, Northern California, the California wine country (such as Napa and Sonoma), and the expanse of the Pacific.

Despite being under the tourist’s radar considering its proximity to bigger cities and more popular tourist sites, Pleasant Hill is worth a look. It’s an interesting and charming place that offers a lot of things that may even surprise any casual visitor.

Pleasant Hill is a great destination for everyone, but especially for families with kids. Among the most popular places for families are parks, and Pleasant Hill has several of them. The Pleasant Hill Park is probably the best-known of them all. It is a vast and well-maintained park, with expansive lawns, picnic areas, and BBQ pits, playgrounds, a sandpit, a baseball field, and a basketball court, among many other amenities. The open spaces of the park are surrounded by redwood trees which supply plenty of shade and is a great place to explore running as a hobby. There is a public swimming pool, too.

If you have pet dogs, bring them to a popular doggie park called Paso Nogal Park. The park boasts plenty of grassy lawns for pooches to run and play with each other, and benches for owners to sit down and relax as their dogs exercise. You can also find a couple of fenced areas – one area for dogs weighing 25 pounds and less, and another area for big dogs. Another area of the part is set aside that is not open to dogs, so if you choose this part of the park, you’ll likely find peace and quiet. Trails also surround the park that lead to a gorgeous view of Mount Diablo.

Were you aware that for much of its history, Pleasant Hill did not have an actual downtown? But now, at long last, residents and tourists can stroll along the streets past the charming stucco-and-tile storefronts. The pretty, tree-lined paths lead to the city hall, while another street leads to a public square with fountains.

Since having been incorporated as a city in 1961, Pleasant Hill hadn’t had a “Main Street” of its own. So, in 1991, the city began a redevelopment project for the area – an intersection of Contra Costa and Monument boulevards. After almost a decade of construction, Downtown Pleasant Hill finally opened. Its shopping center has a distinctive outdoor setting, providing unique shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences for patrons.

Come to Downtown Pleasant Hill watch a movie at the Century 16 theater. You can also browse through several stores in the area, including local businesses.

Downtown Pleasant Hill is also the primary location for most of the city’s biggest events. This is where holiday celebrations, including summer concerts, the Fourth of July parades, and Christmas holiday celebrations. The annual “Art, Jazz and Wine Festival” also takes place in Downtown Pleasant Hill.

Granted, these trim-looking buildings make parts of the city square seem like a stage or a movie set. But on the good side, they have been well maintained.

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