Exterior Painting Pleasant Hill: Should I Wash the Walls First?

is no small job to take, even for a professional painter. The difference between a professional painter to a DIY painter is that the former has the experience to handle such tasks properly, even painstakingly. They also have the right tools to make the job more efficient.

Ask any professional painter if preparing the surface is important in a paint job, and they will say an unequivocal answer: “Yes.” Surface prep work is not just important, but it is also essential. Without preparation (or with improper or inadequate preparation), the resulting paint finish will not be reliable and durable.

The critical factor to a successful paint job is a clean surface, always. Because if the surface is still dirty, it prevents the new coat from adhering correctly, and this will result in more significant surface problems in the long run.

It means that cleaning the surface is essential. But the question is, should you wash the walls first before proceeding to the next step?

Knowing that painting the exterior surfaces of your home is not done every day – not even every month or every year – properly painting them includes cleaning and washing first.

Your home’s exterior walls have accumulated dust and soot over time. That’s why when you go out to paint your home, it’s a must to clean and wash the surfaces first. The walls may also have a mold build-up, especially if you live in an area that experiences cold, damp winters or warm, humid summers, or that part of your home is shaded and has never been exposed to sunlight.

A thorough scrubbing is needed before painting any exterior surface to remove dirt, soot, and old peeling paint. Most professional painting contractors clean the exterior surfaces with pressure washers. These pros know how to use a pressure washer with the right amount of power to clean exterior walls. Because of the powerful blast of water that comes out of the pressure washer, it can gouge wood, shatter glass, or cause water to seep out behind siding and trim if the equipment has been set incorrectly.

But for the homeowners who do not have pressure washers, they can get by with a simple garden hose, a pump sprayer, and a scrub brush. While these three tools do not clean as fast as the pressure washer does, they are as effective, not to mention safe. Make sure to start cleaning from the top and then work down – it’s also a great time to clean gutters if necessary.

If you have exterior walls that have mold and mildew stains, a mere scrubbing is not enough. It would be best if you killed the spores to prevent mold and mildew from growing and spreading further. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Mix one part household bleach with three parts of water and put the mixture in a spray bottle. That will be your homemade mold-and-mildew killing solution. You can also purchase a ready-to-use commercial mold remover or mildewcide that comes in a spray bottle. Most available commercial mold removers and mildewcides are chemical.But if you want to kill mold and mildew more safely and naturally, you can purchase naturally-made commercial mold remover or mildewcide. Or you can use undiluted white vinegar. But whether you’re using chemical or natural mold and mildew remover, make sure that you wear gloves and that the area has adequate ventilation.
  2. Spray or sponge the solution on the affected area. How long will it take to kill the spores depends on the strength of the solution? For example, bleach and commercial solutions will take about 20 minutes to kill all the spores, while natural-based solutions will take much longer – so it’s better to leave them overnight.
  3. After the period has elapsed, use a clean sponge and water to blot the residue off the walls. Let it dry completely.
  4. After the surface has been dried, apply one coat of mold- or mildew-blocking primer. Let it dry.
  5. Apply one or two coats of mildew-resistant paint. You can also purchase a packet of mildew-resistant powder and add it to your paint.

If you still want exterior walls cleaned but don’t want to bother with the cleaning, you might as well call professionals to do exterior painting in Pleasant Hill. You can save yourself from the labor and the headache in cleaning your exterior walls. Most painting contractors use pressure washers as part of the entire exterior painting job, and cleaning agents made only for professional applications.