Farmers’ Markets to Visit While in Pleasant Hill

When in Pleasant Hill, one of the things you must do is to check out the farmers’ markets. From savoring produce that are in season to meeting the folks who grow and sell your food, there are several reasons why you should support farmers markets.

At a farmers’ market, you get to enjoy fresh, real flavors of seasonal fruits and vegetables and enjoy a variety of goods and other artisanal products displayed at booths or stalls. Produce at farmers’ markets are known to be reasonably priced, organic, and ethically grown and raised so you’ll get the best and freshest taste of their produce. You can also enjoy a variety of handmade and artisanal food items such as local honey, handmade breads and cheeses, wine, condiments, and many others.

A farmers’ market is also a community hub – a place to meet wonderful people or just get a taste of the small-town life in the midst of the big city. The location is usually convenient, especially for the locals who live around the neighborhood.

You can find several farmers’ markets in Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas:

Here are some of the farmers’ markets in and near Pleasant Hill:

Pleasant Hill Farmers’ Market

Located at Downtown Plaza, Pleasant Hill Market offers the local community fresh, organic, and seasonal produce, bulk goods, wine, and artisanal/specialty local grocery items such as bread, honey, and a variety of other grocery products.

It is a family-owned business that thrives on quality both in their products and service.

Contra Costa Certified Farmers’ Markets, Inc.

Contra Costa Certified Farmers’ Markets (CCFM) was established in 1982. Since then, it has been providing fresh and nutritious locally grown fruits and vegetables to consumers – straight from the farm. It provides a gathering place where local consumers can meet local farmers and sellers. The direct connection allows consumers to communicate directly with local farmers and helps them gain an understanding of importance of fresh, locally grown, and sourced food.

CCFM holds one-year-round market in Walnut Creek (every Sunday) and seasonal markets in Lafayette, Orinda, and Martinez.

Pleasant Hill Farmers’ Market

Pleasant Hill Farmers’ Market is held on Trelany Road every Saturday, from May through November. Aside from the countless stalls displaying organic, fresh, straight-from-the farm produce and artisanal items, this event also hosts live music and fun special events to make your shopping an even better experience.

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