What Software Can Help You Choose Colors When House Painting?

Choosing the right paint color for your home isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about creating a space that feels right. We’ve all experienced that twinge of doubt when selecting paint colors, wondering how it will actually look on the walls. Thanks to modern technology, there’s no need to rely on tiny color swatches and imagination alone. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 apps designed to help you visualize paint colors directly in your rooms. From augmented reality (AR) features to advanced color-matching tools, these apps put the power of design in your hands.

Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™

When it comes to precisely previewing paint colors in your home, the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio™ app stands out with its comprehensive features. It allows users to visualize how different colors will look in their space, either by uploading their own photos or using the app’s virtual fan decks and room scenes. This tool is excellent for those looking to explore high-quality paints and unique color schemes, ensuring they can confidently decide.

Pros: One of the key advantages of this app is its ability to visualize color combinations and finishes, helping users see the potential of their spaces fully transformed. It’s particularly useful for visualizing sophisticated color palettes and high-end finishes, which Benjamin Moore is known for.

Cons: Users might find discrepancies between the digital visualizations and the actual paint due to variations in screen displays and room lighting. This can affect the accuracy of the color seen on the app versus the one applied on the wall.

Project Color™ by The Home Depot

Project Color™ by The Home Depot is designed to make choosing the perfect paint shade an engaging and straightforward process. This app utilizes augmented reality to let homeowners see how different colors will look on their walls. Additionally, users can upload images of their rooms to paint digitally. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners who appreciate a hands-on approach to color selection, offering a fun and interactive way to experiment with different hues and brands.

Pros: The app supports a wide range of paint brands, not limited to Home Depot’s own products, making it versatile for comparison shopping. The augmented reality feature adds an interactive element, giving a real-time preview of the transformation.

Cons: While the AR technology is innovative, it may only sometimes render colors with 100% accuracy due to lighting and technical limitations. This might lead to slight variations in expected versus actual outcomes.

Valspar Virtual Painter

The Valspar Virtual Painter offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of envisioning new paint colors in your home. Whether you’re considering a bold new color or a subtle tone, this app allows users to paint their walls virtually in uploaded photos of their rooms or in pre-selected images provided within the app. It’s ideal for those who prefer a straightforward tool that allows them to quickly see potential paint choices in a variety of room settings.

Pros: One of the standout features of the Valspar Virtual Painter is the option to explore colors in various pre-designed rooms, which can be extremely helpful for seeing how colors look in different types of spaces. This feature aids users in visualizing how light and furniture can affect paint choices.

Cons: The app is restricted to Valspar paints, which may limit those looking to compare across a broader range of paint brands. Additionally, the tool’s interface, while straightforward, might not offer as advanced features as some newer apps in the market.

Dulux Visualizer

The Dulux Visualizer app enhances the paint selection process by employing advanced technology to help users see real-time results of their chosen colors on their walls. With an easy-to-use interface, the app not only lets you visualize different colors but also provides options to order paint testers directly to your home.

Pros: The app is praised for its interactive and user-friendly design, making it accessible for all users regardless of their tech savviness. The real-time visualization feature is particularly effective in helping users feel confident about their color choices before making a purchase.

Cons: The main limitation is that the available colors and products may not be as widely available globally, potentially restricting access for some users. Additionally, like many visualization tools, the accuracy of the paint color can vary depending on the device’s screen settings and the lighting in the room.

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer

Choosing the perfect paint color becomes a breeze with the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer. Ideal for homeowners looking to bring a new life to their interiors, this app provides robust features that simplify the decision-making process. Users can easily upload photos of their rooms and try out different colors, creating various combinations until they find the perfect match.

Pros: The user interface is exceptionally intuitive, making it easy for even novices to instantly visualize new colors. It also allows users to save their favorite colors and coordinate palettes, which is handy for future reference or for sharing with a professional painter.

Cons: While the app offers an extensive range of Sherwin-Williams colors, it does limit users to one brand. This may not be ideal for those who wish to explore colors from different manufacturers.

Behr® ColorSmart

Behr® ColorSmart is an intuitive and versatile tool for visualizing and choosing paint colors for your home. It offers homeowners the convenience of exploring colors, previewing them in various room settings or using their own photos, and saving their favorite selections for easy access. It’s ideal for Behr paint enthusiasts who value a seamless process from color selection to purchase, ensuring a coordinated approach to home decoration.

Pros: The direct integration with Behr’s purchasing options makes this app exceptionally convenient, allowing users to transition smoothly from visualization to buying paint. It also provides tools to create and save color palettes, which can be shared with decorators or used for future reference.

Cons: Limited exclusively to Behr paint products, the app may not suit users looking for a broader comparison across different brands. Additionally, users may find that the colors displayed on their device screens can slightly differ from the actual paint colors due to variations in digital displays.

PPG Paints Visualizer

PPG Paints Visualizer helps users see how different PPG paint colors will look in their space by allowing them to upload photos of their rooms or use pre-set scenes provided within the app. This tool is designed to help homeowners make confident decisions about their paint choices with ease. It’s excellent for users who appreciate a more analytical approach to color selection, offering insights into color psychology and design suitability.

Pros: It offers a detailed exploration of color traits and the emotional impact of colors, providing a deeper understanding of how hues can transform a space. The app is also helpful for those who want to delve into the specifics of color compatibility and design recommendations.

Cons: The user interface may require a slight learning curve for those not accustomed to digital tools. Furthermore, like many color visualizer tools, the digital representation of paint colors may not always exactly match the physical paint due to lighting and technical differences.

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Rust-Oleum Studio Color

Rust-Oleum Studio Color is unique in the digital paint visualization market, focusing on specialty paints and finishes. The app allows users to see how various textures and finishes, such as chalk, metallic, and distressed, will look in their homes, making it a valuable tool for creative projects. It’s ideal for individuals exploring creative and decorative paint projects, offering a distinct perspective on how specialty paints can enhance interior spaces.

Pros: The visualization of specialty finishes sets this app apart, providing users with a realistic preview of more unique and artistic paint applications. This is particularly beneficial for DIY enthusiasts or anyone looking to make a bold statement with their wall treatments.

Cons: The focus on Rust-Oleum products means it is not suitable for those looking to compare a wide range of paint brands. Additionally, the app’s niche focus might be less appealing to users looking for standard paint options.

Color Muse

Color Muse combines a physical device with an app to offer a novel approach to choosing paint colors. By scanning colors from any surface, the device provides an exact paint match from various brands, making it an invaluable tool for both DIY decorators and professional designers. It’s perfect for professionals and serious home decorators who need precise color matching and are willing to invest in specialized equipment to achieve it.

Pros: The device’s ability to scan and match colors from any material offers unparalleled precision, which is perfect for matching existing colors or drawing inspiration from non-traditional sources. This technology ensures that users can find the closest possible paint match.

Cons: The requirement to purchase a physical device may be a barrier for some users. Additionally, while the device provides high accuracy, the initial cost and the need to carry it may deter casual users.

ColorReader by Datacolor

Similar to Color Muse, ColorReader by Datacolor offers a device and app combination that scans colors from any item or surface, providing instant paint matches from multiple brands. This tool is designed for accuracy and convenience in color selection. It’s ideal for those who value precision in their paint projects and are looking for a professional-level tool to assist in their design choices.

Pros: ColorReader excels in delivering precise color matches and facilitating renovation and design projects where exact color reproduction is crucial. Integrating a wide range of paint brands enhances its versatility and appeal.

Cons: Like Color Muse, the need to purchase a physical device is a significant consideration. There may be other choices for those who prefer a more straightforward or less tech-intensive solution.

Final Word

Ready to transform your home with the perfect color palette? These apps are a great way to start, but nothing beats the expertise and finish of a professional paint job. Whether you need help finalizing your color choices or executing a detailed painting project, Custom Painting Inc. is here to help. 

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