Deciding On Bathroom Paint for House Painting in Pleasant Hill

Home owners who are house painting in Pleasant Hill may want to research their options when choosing the right bathroom paint and color. Their time researching won’t be wasted because in the end you will see the results that you’ve always wanted. It’s not only the paint colors that you may need to thoroughly consider, but also on the type of paint finish you’re going to use.

We all know that a bathroom is a place where high moisture and humidity occur, as well as possible mold and mildew. So you want to purchase a high quality paint that will not only be durable enough to withstand those conditions, but also resistant against mold and mildew.

Bathroom paints can be either oil or latex (water-based), like paints for the remainder of your home. While latex can offer some protection against moisture, oil-based paints are best recommended for high-moisture areas such as the bathroom. Surfaces coated with oil-based paints are also easier to clean and scrub, although oil-based paints are not very good in covering surface flaws. Oil-based paints are also more expensive and take a long time to dry completely.

It isn’t a good idea to just buy any paint because not all of them are created the same. Do you know that paint comes in a variety of finishes? There are matte or flat finishes, semi-glossy and extremely glossy finishes. If you have little kids who’d often like to splash in the tub, for instance, choose semi-gloss finishes such as eggshell or satin. They’re the most appropriate finishes to coat your bathroom because they give off the right amount of sheen, and it’s easy to clean as well. But if a bathroom is used only for adults, you can paint the walls with any finish you want. However, you will want to avoid using extremely glossy paints. Paints with intense shine act similar to a glass or mirror — they reflect light in your bathroom. You don’t want a bathroom wall that’s too shiny, or resembles plastic or enamel.

The size of your bathroom will also influence your decision in choosing paint. If you have a claustrophobic bathroom, one that is very small, try painting it with lighter colors. Your small bathroom will appear more spacious. Otherwise, a spacious bathroom will have the illusion of a more comfortable space if you paint it with darker colors, not only on the walls but also on the ceiling.

Let your imagination and mood inspire you in creating your bathroom since it is your own personal space. If you want your bathroom to look like one of the spas you’ve visited on your last vacation, paint it with comforting shades of blue and green, which are the colors that evoke tranquility. If you want to make your bathroom feel more like your intimate space, paint it with soft or deep colors. Vibrant and rich colors create a sense of energy — they will keep you invigorated during your showers.

Giving your bathroom a more updated look is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs when you do house painting in Pleasant Hill. It gives you an opportunity to turn a utilitarian area such as a bathroom into an inviting and attractive space.