Discover Pleasant Hill, California

Discover Pleasant Hill, CaliforniaPleasant Hill is one of the cities situated in Contra Costa County, California, situated in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay. It is located in the center along I-680.

Residents who live in Pleasant Hill are proud of the city and its beauty. They help maintain that beauty when house painting in Pleasant Hill.

Pleasant Hill’s history is pretty much recorded recently. The first post office in Pleasantville opened in 1948, and thirteen years later the city was incorporated. It’s interesting to note that for most of city’s history, Pleasant Hill did not have a real downtown, or a central business district. In 1991, the city began re-development, and nine years later downtown Pleasanton was finally unveiled.

If there’s one thing Pleasant Hill is proud of, it is the city’s architecture. The city has won several awards and citations due to its remarkable architectural designs. One of these notable buildings in Pleasant Hill is Pleasantville Dome, which was opened on February 21, 1967. Designed by Bay Area architect Vincent G. Raney, the “Dome” has 895 seats and has a distinctively futuristic igloo shape which is visible from the freeway. The dome measures fifty feet high.

However, the property owner of the Dome, SyWest Development, closed the building in April 2013. SyWest had plans to demolish the Dome to make way for the Dick’s Sporting Goods building. There were protests from the residents as well as the organization Save the Pleasant Hill Dome, but their filed appeals were voted down by the city council. The city’s then-mayor Michael G. Harris and councilmember Ken Carlson voted for the appeal, but in the March 2013 voted against it. In May 2013 SyWest had the Dome demolished, effectively putting an end to any further court action.

Pleasant Hill’s economy mostly consists of finance and retail. Among the city’s largest employers are Mount Diablo Unified School District, Contra Costa County Fire Protection, Safeway, Target, Yandell Truckaway, Nightingale of Contra Costa, John F. Kennedy University, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Hospices of the East Bay and the Irvin Deutscher Family YMCA.

Presently, the population of Pleasant Hill stands at 33,152 as of the 2010 US Census. Almost 75% of the population consists of white, with other ethnicities such as black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander and other races as minorities.

Pleasant Hill is home to notable structures and landmarks such as the John F. Kennedy University, Diablo Valley College, the Pleasant Hill Library of Contra Costa County, and the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District.

Pleasant Hill is a very modern and dynamic city in the East Bay. Its strategic location makes it a viable and attractive place for businesses, residences and various forms of recreation. Yet it still retains a strong sense of community and small-town charm.

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