Intumescent Paints for House Painting Pleasant Hill


House painting in Pleasant Hill will not only add a new look to your new home, it can also add protection to your home. By simply applying an extra coat of intumescent paint, it could save you a lot of money and stress. Not only that, it might even someday save you and your loved ones’ lives.

If you haven’t heard of or used intumescent paint, perhaps it is time to consider this type of paint when house painting in Pleasant Hill. It is a special paint that can be added over your regular exterior paint, on any other type of surface. Intumescent paint can even be applied over an untreated surface. It is easy to use and apply, just like any other regular paint.

Anyone can apply an intumescent paint. However, you will need to comply with the local government ordinance or for the sake of insurance policy. For this reason, it is a sound move to hire a professional and licensed painting contractor to do the work.

Intumescent paint is not a revolutionary painting product. In fact, it has been widely in use particularly on commercial buildings for a many years. Over the years, however, the quality and formula of intumescent paint has been greatly improved. In addition to that, intumescent paints are more reasonably priced and so they have been recommended as an addition to regular paint for any building, be it commercial or residential. Intumescent paints are transparent and clear, so it can be applied over any color of exterior paint as well as any type. Intumescent paints can be even applied on most siding materials. By using intumescent paints, you won’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

How does an intumescent paint work? An intumescent paint is designed to expand or to “bloat” in the presence of extreme heat. The way these paints burn, when applied on any surface, they swell to a high-volume, carbonaceous char that can increase by as much as 50 percent of its original volume. This charred, swollen volume acts as a layer of insulation between the heat source and whatever you have painted. Thus, the swollen char protects whatever it is underneath, and acts as a fire retardant since it is a poor conductor to heat.

However, the protection that the intumescent paint offers is just momentary and therefore it is not really fireproof, and can’t be relied on to put out a fire. When a building is protected with intumescent paint, it delays the complete burning down of a structure in case it accidentally catches fire. In other words, it gives time for the fire fighters to arrive and put out the fire, or for other fire suppression methods to take effect. The smartest tip — you’ll have more protection for your house or more time to escape when you have applied intumescent paint to your home.

Most intumescent paints are inexpensive, but you can also consider them as an additional, priceless investment. For commercial properties, intumescent paints could mean saving equipment or inventory. Most importantly, in your home, you can save your most important belongings, and get your family safely out of the house. Because intumescent paint slows down the fire’s access to structural components, it allows time for the firefighter to arrive and to completely extinguish the fire.

Now that you know the great benefits that intumescent paint offers, you may want to add them when you embark on a house painting in Pleasant Hill.