Color Choices for the Best Painting Contractors

If you’re considering giving your home a fresh coat of paint, you’re in the right place. Choosing paint colors might seem daunting at first, but it’s really about creating a space that feels just right for you. Whether it’s a quick room update or a major home makeover, selecting the perfect hues is crucial. Let’s dive into how to pick colors that not only look great but also enhance the mood and feel of your rooms.

Understand the Impact of Color Psychology 

Did you know that colors have a big impact on how we feel? For example, cool tones like blues and greens are super calming, making them perfect for spaces where you want to relax, like bedrooms or home offices. On the flip side, warm tones like reds, oranges, and yellows bring energy and warmth, which is ideal for living rooms and kitchens where you gather with friends and family. By tapping into color psychology, you can tailor each room’s atmosphere to match its purpose to ensure your home looks beautiful and feels right.

Choose Colors Based on Room Size and Lighting

Picking the right color can actually influence how big or small a room feels. Light colors, like pastels and off-whites, can open up smaller spaces, making them feel airier and larger. Darker shades, on the other hand, are great for adding depth and coziness to larger rooms. And don’t forget about the light! A room’s natural light can dramatically affect how a color looks. North-facing rooms might benefit from warmer hues to brighten them up, while south-facing rooms could use cooler colors to tone down the brightness.

Test Colors Before Committing 

Have you ever painted a room and realized the color looked completely different than expected? That’s why testing is critical. Before you commit to gallons of color, try out some samples. Paint big swatches on the walls and observe them at different times of the day. This will show you how the color changes with the light and ensure you won’t have any surprises once the room is done.

Paint brushes on colour swatch

Consider the Finish for Additional Effect

It’s not just the color, but the paint’s finish can make a huge difference, too! Matte finishes are great for hiding imperfections on the walls and giving spaces a modern look. Glossy finishes, however, reflect light and can make a color pop even more, which is perfect for accent walls or smaller decorative elements. Remember, the higher the sheen, the more durable the finish, which makes glossy paints ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Create Flow with Color Continuity

When painting an open floor plan or multiple connected spaces, keeping a consistent color palette can help create a seamless flow. You don’t need to paint every room the same color but consider using shades that complement each other. You can choose colors with similar undertones or select a single color in different shades for each room. This strategy enhances the sense of space and brings a harmonious feel to your home.

Use a Color Wheel to Find Complementary Shades

A color wheel is your best friend when choosing paint colors that complement each other. Opposite colors on the wheel are complementary and can make each other pop—think blue and orange or yellow and purple. If you’re not up for such bold contrasts, adjacent colors (like blue and green) can create a subtler, harmonious look. Experimenting with the color wheel can give you confidence in your color choices and help you discover unique combinations you might not have considered.

Incorporate Neutrals for Flexibility

Neutrals are versatile and can serve as a backdrop for more vibrant colors or stand alone for a clean, minimal look. Shades like beige, gray, and white are easy to match with any decor and can adapt to different styles and tastes. They’re also great for resale value, as they appeal to most people. Plus, with neutral walls, you can easily change up your accessories like pillows, curtains, and rugs to give your room a new look without another paint job.

Factor in Your Furniture and Décor

When choosing paint colors, consider the furniture and decor you already have or plan to use. You want your walls to complement your pieces, not clash with them. If your furniture is bold and colorful, you might opt for neutral walls to let the pieces stand out. Alternatively, a bolder wall color can add interest and depth to your space if your decor is more understated. It’s all about creating a balanced look that reflects your style and harmonizes everything in the room.

Experiment with Accent Walls

Accent walls can be a fantastic way to introduce a splash of color without overwhelming a room. Choose one wall to paint in a bold, contrasting color that ties in with the rest of your decor. This can be a practical focal point in the room and can easily be changed if you want a new look later on. Accent walls are also great for experimenting with textures or finishes, like glossy paint or even wallpaper, to add a unique touch to your living spaces.

A different color swatches on the white wall

Pay Attention to Color Trends

While it’s important to choose colors that you personally love, keeping an eye on current color trends can provide fresh ideas and inspiration. Trendy colors can make your space feel modern and stylish. However, use trends as a guide rather than a rulebook—what matters most is how the color makes you feel and fits your home’s character. You can always incorporate trendy hues through accents and accessories if you’re hesitant to commit to painting entire walls.

Consult Professionals When Unsure

If you’re still unsure about your color choices after all your planning and testing, don’t hesitate to consult a professional. Painting experts and interior designers can offer valuable insights and advice that ensure you make the right decisions. They can help you refine your choices based on your home’s architecture, lighting, and personal style. Working with professionals like Custom Painting Inc. can also ensure flawless application, making your color vision come to life with precision and expertise.


Choosing the right paint colors for your home is much more than picking your favorite shades. It’s about creating a cohesive atmosphere that enhances the feel and functionality of each space. By understanding color psychology, considering your room’s lighting and size, and coordinating with your existing furnishings and decor, you can make informed decisions that transform your home. 

And remember, whether you decide to go bold, stick with neutrals, or use a mix of both, your home’s color scheme reflects your unique taste and style. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Custom Painting Inc. by calling 925-686-0903 or by filling out the contact form. Let us help you bring your vision to life and ensure the best possible results.