Prolonging Exterior Paint for Commercial Painting in San Leandro

First impressions last, especially in the world of business. While it’s important that businesses should give their best products and services to their customers, it’s also important to keep an attractive front in order to entice them. That’s where you need exterior commercial painting in San Leandro.

If the exterior of your structure suffers fading, old paint, as well as peeling and cracking paint, it might turn off potential customers. That’s why it needs a good look for its exteriors, and only a coat of new paint will change all that.

It is no doubt that a brand-new paint job looks great. But how about prolonging it? Fortunately, it’s not so hard at all. Since commercial painting cannot be done again very soon, maintaining its look as well as durability is important. Even a quality paint will fade eventually, but a good paint should last for at least a good number of years before it needs a new paint job.

Just like in exterior residential painting, a good exterior commercial painting consists of cleaning and preparation on the surface. Cleaning the surface is even more essential for commercial buildings, which are more prone to man-made pollution compared to houses. That’s why cleaning the surface is something that you should never skip when doing exterior commercial painting. First, clean the surface by either using the power washer or by other methods like sand blast cleaning, especially if the surface is heavy with dust, soot and other debris. Cleaning the surface also exposes flaws on the surface that need to be fixed.

Once those flaws (such as cracks, holes, gaps, etc.) are found, they must be fixed by filling them with a putty such as a spackling paste, wood filler or concrete filler. After applying the filler on holes or gaps, let the filler dry. Once dried, sand it off to remove the excess and to make the surface smooth and even. An even surface will make it easier to coat it with primer and paint.

Painting masonry has a slightly different approach. Masonry, such as bricks and concrete, are porous and thus absorb a lot of moisture. This makes the surface to remain damp, which results to various surface problems, notably efflorescence.

In preparing and painting masonry surfaces, you should do it during a warm, dry and sunny weather. Use a wire brush in removing efflorescence. In case of stubborn build-up use a chisel or a grinding tool but be also careful in using it as to not damage the surface. Next, clean the surface with a mixture of water and trisodium phosphate, then apply a sealant for waterproofing and a self-priming masonry coating.

The combination of a good surface cleaning and preparation, and the use of top-of-the-line quality paints, primers and sealants makes for a good and a long-lasting finish. In order to maintain much of its clean and brand-new look, you still need to have the surface washed and cleaned regularly. There are commercial painting in San Leandro companies that also offer other services, such as power washing on exterior surfaces for the purposes of cleaning and maintaining their look.