Tools Commercial Painters in Dublin Need

Commercial painters in Dublin need a range of different tools and equipment to aid them in their job. Depending on the size, scope, and the complexity of the project, commercial painters may use the following tools and equipment over and above paint brushes or rollers:

Ladders and scaffolding
Like residential painters, the best commercial painters in Fremont use ladders to get them to higher areas in a building, whether it is in the interiors or exteriors. But when they are tasked to paint taller buildings, they use scaffolding. While ladders and scaffolding are considered as low-tech compared to other equipment (which will be mentioned later), they are still widely used today. Ladders are used in some cases when lifts are not a practical option, e.g., painting higher walls and ceilings.

Aerial lift
Also called an aerial work platform or an elevating work platform, an aerial lift is mechanical equipment which lifts people to high areas such the exterior of a multi-story building. While it is costly to own or rent an aerial lift, it can be practical especially when they’re meant to be used frequently. There are two types of aerial lift:

  • Manlift – While a manlift is more commonly seen in construction, a manlift can be used by commercial painters as well. The manlift’s arm can move up and down and left to right. There are two types of manlift: slab (for indoors/hard and smooth surfaces) and rough terrain (for outdoors/uneven terrain)
  • Scissor lift – This lift gets its name from its crisscross metal supports that looks like a pair of scissors.

Power washer
It uses a high-pressure spray to quickly wash away and remove dirt and other foreign objects from surfaces. The best commercial painters in Lathrop use this tool to make a surface free from dirt and prepare it for priming and painting.

Abrasive blaster

This equipment is used in abrasive blasting or sandblasting, which is the method of forcefully propelling a stream of abrasives (usually sand) against a surface, under high pressure. Commercial painters use the abrasive blaster to remove loose paint, dirt, grease, grime, etc. Like the power washer, the abrasive blaster helps in making the surface smooth again, and ready to receive a coat of paint.

Paint sprayer

It is common for commercial painting companies to use a paint sprayer. Spraying paint leaves no undesirable lap marks and therefore it does not require re-touching, unlike in the case of brushing or rolling. It only takes the right amount of spray pressure to achieve an even-looking coat of paint. It is also fast to apply as well, especially when painting flat, smooth and wide surfaces.

Reputable commercial painters in Dublin spend a good deal on quality equipment that will help them carry out their tasks. They know that using quality paints and equipment will result to quality results, to the satisfaction of their clients.